Built for people &
security teams

Perimeters brings order and clarity to SaaS security configuration across the organization, focusing on how to become and remain secure and compliant.


The security settings of your core SaaS applications are the foundation of a secure posture. Perimeters helps achieve a secure configuration by automatically scanning hundreds of security parameters across the SaaS applications, showing a prioritized list of issues to fix. It guides and automates remediation to efficiently address these issues.

3rd Party & Shadow Apps

Any user can adopt new SaaS applications or enable them to access organizational resources, creating what is known as ‘Shadow SaaS’. Perimeters detects these Shadow SaaS applications and provides a view of them, including their scopes, risk profiles, and trust insights, to effectively manage the exposure.


Identity management in a SaaS-centric environment introduces the challenge of associating every SaaS application account with managed organizational identities. Perimeters maps accounts to identities, allowing you to view and manage the risk, access, and posture of each identity across all the SaaS applications.

Threat Activity

With Perimeters Threat Detection, security experts gain efficient tools for overseeing SaaS platform events. This feature consolidates audit logs for a clear view of critical actions like file sharing and logins, enhancing anomaly identification. It highlights outliers for policy evaluation and employs predefined rules detailing threats’ severity, root causes, and actionable responses. This streamlined approach boosts an organization's capacity to quickly address security challenges, safeguarding sensitive information and securing the SaaS environment.


Solving SaaS Security

Perimeters have deconstructed SaaS security and put it back together to create a powerful yet simple solution that emphasizes prioritization and automation.


Priority driven Issues

Automatically identify security misconfigurations in your SaaS applications and view them in a priority driven list to efficiently work through them.


Global Configuration Rules

Effectively manage security with global secure configuration rules based on security parameters mapped across all SaaS application.


Actions & Automations

Resolve issues automatically by assigning to them actions like ticketing and alerting and defining triggers that execute the actions for you.


Compliance Center

Stay ahead of compliance with a powerful view of your entire compliance posture down to the issues that need attention according to compliance defined controls.


Connects in Minutes

Start managing SaaS security in minutes. We already cover the most important application in your estate and keep expanding to support all major SaaS services.